• Expert Witness
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Electric & Telecom Overhead Lines
  • Wood Utility Poles

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Nelson G. Bingel, III

Chairman – National Electrical Safety Code
Chairman – Accredited Standards Committee O5
President of Nelson Research, LLC


The National Electrical Safety Code is the premier safety standard for construction and maintenance of overhead and underground electrical and telecom lines. Nelson has been a member of the Strength & Loading subcommittee since 1989, was Chairman of Strength & Loading for the last two code cycles, and has been Chairman of the NESC since 2016.

Nelson is currently the chairman for the NESC and has over 30 years in the industry. He is primarily focused on researching, developing and testing tools, products and methods for inspection, analysis and repair or restoration of utility structures.

Services Provided

  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Expert Witness
  • Electric & Telecom Overhead Lines
  • Utility structures
        Wood, Steel, Concrete, Fiberglass
  • Original Structure Strength
  • Wood Decay and Steel Deterioration

  • Inspection Techniques
  • Remaining Strength Analysis
  • Structure Loading Analysis
  • Clearance Analysis
  • Third Party Attachments
  • Industry Best Practices

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